Welcome to iCafe


Our mission is to create a second home where people can enjoy a beautiful atmosphere; study, relax, listen to music, and enjoy our coffee and food and access the internet at additional hours


In the morning, people are in a rush to go to work and in most cases they need to make two stops for a good quality coffee and a breakfast. This is what iCafe is all about, you come enjoy an amazing fresh breakfast and coffee

2. We also wanted to provide our customers with additional hours 6:00 am - 12:00 am to meet their needs

3. Of course, our amazing smoothies with tons of boosters such as protein, energy, veggie, etc and our delicious pastry (some are manfactured by Cheesecake factory)

4. Thursdays nights we will have live bands in the store, starting with Jennie Devoe in the grand opening Oct 22nd

5. We also have an amazing lunch Panni and soup menu

So, since this is going to be your second home, send us your suggestions, ideas, comments, etc to icafefans@gmail.com


2316 E116, Carmel, IN 46032 Merchant square

Phone :3175738878
Emial : icafefans@gmail.com